It’s almost time for summer camp, so I thought I’d share the t-shirt I designed for Kennesaw State University’s Summer U. 🙂

Just fooling around. For once in my life I actually like the inks, so I might be onto something here.

Yes, tons of these have been unleashed on the unsuspecting public, mwahaha.



Resume Building


Job Skills

Dress to Impress

An old friend of mine (actually, the one who dubbed me “the human espresso”) has these things at her house where everyone shows up with art supplies and we all just sit around chatting and creating. I don’t get to go often, but yesterday I made a point to go because I’m feeling hemmed-in by all the art I have to do right now; my muse needed to go run around the yard a few times before I chained her to the desk again.

And this (linked because boobies) is what I doodled. No, I have no idea why she’s wearing fur on her butt. She needs more ornamentation, and since I let myself draw on watercolor paper I feel obligated to actually paint the piece at some point.  But I’m posting now just in case I completely ruin it later.

These suckers just keep coming. 🙂

Photoshop Class

Job Skills




Yeah, I sorta dropped off the face of the earth for a while there. My bad.

Recently I got a freelance gig with the local college doing one-shot comics to promote their continuing education programs. They give me a scenario and a punchline; I make the drawing as funny as I can. It’s probably the coolest job I’ve ever had!

Here are the ones I’ve done so far:


Project Management


Bookkeeper Professional

Valentine’s Day is becoming a kind of poisonous day for adults. Kids, though, have the right idea: silly cards and candy for all your friends and family! A bunch of people were posting hilarious geeky versions of kiddie cards online today, and I was dying with laughter.  So I decided to draw some of my for my family! (Mom really likes the holiday, and it just isn’t right to disappoint your mother.)

Yes, my dad and brother are big “Ravin Rabbids” fans. 🙂

silly valentines for my family

I’ve been resisting Manga Studio for years.  I mean, I already have Photoshop, why would I need another program? They work the same, right?

Boy, was I wrong. Manga Studio is THE SHIT.

Roommies being adorable!


I’ve been a big fan of Angels 2200 since…well, I made them a piece of fanart in 2003, so at least that long!  (Yet somehow I always forget to put their URL on my links page…wah.) So, much to my delight, every once in a while the artist, Peter Haynes, asks me to do a guest page.  (And no two of them are drawn in exactly the same style, bwahaha.)

Anyway, here’s the page with dialogue added by Pete!  Read.  Enjoy.  And then go read the rest.

Angels 2200 - Part 7 Page 47

The Artist