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I’m on a brush-inking kick right now, which is good, because I need the practice! I wasn’t really liking how either of my (cheap) brush pens were acting–after a while the tips split and then I have to buy another one–so I decided to experiment.  I have a Sakura Koi water-reservoir brush that I use for watercolor, and I love it, and even though I’d read that they didn’t work with ink very well, I thought I’d give it a try.

Sure enough, the darn thing didn’t like straight ink; the pigment just would not draw up into the bristles on its own. But once I added a tiny bit of water to make a really concentrated inkwash, it worked like magic! It has a lot more expression than I can get with a felt-brush pen, which is both exhilarating and terrifying.  The pigment doesn’t seem to be clogging up the mechanism yet either, but we’ll see what it does over time.

Anyway, have a doodle. I know the inking sucks, but that’s what practice is for, dammit.

a woman with long light hair and a sad-but-quizzical expression

I wonder if all these sad-and-tired drawings are a reflection of my mental state...


Yeah, between the congestion and the allergy meds I’m incredibly out of it, and I have no idea why I drew this. It probably won’t make sense when the drugs wear off, either.


a dark-skinned cocktail waitress with killer shoes

There might be hope for me and brush, I want her shoes!



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