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I’ve been a big fan of Angels 2200 since…well, I made them a piece of fanart in 2003, so at least that long!  (Yet somehow I always forget to put their URL on my links page…wah.) So, much to my delight, every once in a while the artist, Peter Haynes, asks me to do a guest page.  (And no two of them are drawn in exactly the same style, bwahaha.)

Anyway, here’s the page with dialogue added by Pete!  Read.  Enjoy.  And then go read the rest.

Angels 2200 - Part 7 Page 47


My day job, like all day jobs, has its share of drudgery and hair-pulling frustration.  (Oh, does it ever.)  But every once in a while I get to do something really freaking cool, and that makes it all worth it!

For instance, the other day our department head asked all the centers to create baskets for another facility to raffle off as a fundraiser.  My coworkers and I were at a loss because we don’t have a lot of spiffy semi-valuable items hanging around the classrooms; if we have it, it gets used, baby.  Really all we had to offer was a gift certificate and a small number of art supplies.  And a gift certificate tied to a pack of markers doesn’t exactly look flashy and attractive on the raffle table.

Our solution?  Make an awesome re-usable gift box to put everything in.

Our evil solution? Make the gift box look like the Mad Hatter’s hat and call it “A Rainy Day in Wonderland”.

Needless to say, I had WAY too much fun building this thing!

views of the Mad Hatter box

A kooky hat suits a kooky guy

the full "rainy day" box

"Surprise! We're all mad here."

The Artist